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What is the Defensive & Fleet Safety Driving ?

The aim of the AS Driving Defensive Driving Courses is to provide training to licensed drivers to raise awareness, skill levels and assess attitude and the potential dangers associated with the wrong attitude. It is ideal for Corporate Fleet Training, since it is an accepted fact that raising levels of driving skills result in a reduction of driving accidents, injuries and fatalities. Corporate fleet managers are also impressed by reduction of costs resulting from enhanced skills, better fuel consumption, better vehicle maintenance and lower accident rates

The Defensive & Fleet Safety courses are suitable for all licensed drivers, and suitable for all vehicles including four-wheel drive and light commercial vehicles. The creation of better drivers is achieved through a mixture of theoretical and practical driving conducted on-site or at a recognised training venue in the participants' own vehicles or vehicles provided by AS Driving. 

All AS Driving Defensive Driving courses are conducted in a relaxed, but a controlled way to encourage participant interaction and involvement. The focus of a training day is definitely not on driving fast and dangerously! A final debrief will recap the day, assess and evaluate the driver’s attitude before our Defensive Driving Course Certificates are handed out as recognition of having completed the course.

Due to the diverse driving personalities within most corporate companies, we believe our training modules to be most beneficial and cost effective. The modules may be presented at your company premises or at our facility.


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