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The aim of the Adrenalin Specialised Driving course is to provide post license driver training to raise awareness, skill levels and assess attitude and the potential dangers associated with the wrong attitude. It is ideal for Corporate Fleet Training, recently acquired K53 or experienced road users.
This is achieved through a mixture of theoretical and practical driving sessions conducted at a recognised training venue in the participants own vehicles. The Advanced Driving Course is suitable for young drivers right up to the more experienced drivers that just need to hone their skills. It can be conducted in any roadworthy vehicle from the smallest sedan right up to 4 x 4 and light commercial vehicles. A fleet of vehicles are available for various requirements.
All Advanced driving courses are conducted in a relaxed, enjoyable way encouraging participant interaction and involvement. The focus of the day is definitely not on driving fast and dangerously! After initial introductions a lecture session will explain about and provide a vital evaluation of driver attitude and an awareness of the inherent dangers of driving on the road.
Advanced driving techniques, driver attitude and vision will be covered together with correct use of modern safety features. An explanation of the correct braking techniques will be covered before being put to the test in a practical demonstration. Participants will then be subjected to potential emergency braking situations on a wet surfaces.      
Day Formats are typically as follows :
8.00am to 8.30
Registration , breakfast.
8.30 to 09.30am
Lecture room Lecture on understanding the features on your vehicle, Road conditions, Awareness, Statistics and Road Accidents and common causes, Tyres, Overview of the day and expectations.
10.00 to 12.00pm
All leave in convoy to the Braking recognition area demonstrations on braking distances and perceptions. Move onto the Slalom Area depth perception and looking ahead, distance judgments.
12.00 to 1.00pm
1.00 to 2.00pm
Proceed to the Aqua planning Track.
2.00 to 5.00pm

Theoretical subjects covered
  • Defensive driving What it means and how it is achieved.
  • Evaluation of the main part of the car the driver.
  • Driver attitude.
  • Practical Road Safety Tips.
  • Explanation of safety features of modern cars and how to use them.
  • Tyres and their importance in driving safety.
  • Vision skills.
  • Basic vehicle dynamics and skid control.
  • Correct seating position.
Typically, practical exercises
  • Assessment of vehicle condition.
  • Seating & steering.
  • Emergency braking with & without ABS.
  • Emergency lane changes.
  • Skid Control.
  • Reaction times and their effects on stopping distance.
  • Vehicle handling / steering.

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